Between the sea and Sorrento city center

Called the “land of Sirens”, Sorrento city center is only 5 minutes walking from the Apartments of Coltur Suites.

Make a little tour from Piazza Tasso, the main square of the town, visiting the little streets of the historical centre , shops of perfume and liquor “limoncello” made with the famous lemons of Sorrento; walking down, direction of Marina Piccola you’ll find the church of Sant’ Antonino the protector of Sorrento in baroque style.

Continuing on the same road, there are 2 caractheristic places of Sorrento: the “villa comunale”, a public garden with the best view on the sea of Sorrento and the picturesque San Francesco Pavillon.

We suggest also to visit the Museum Correale, full of archaeological finds, of many periods of Sorrento’s history.

Coltur Suites apartments is a great point of departure for excursions on the Amalfi coast,  close to the Sorrento city center and  the picturesque little port of Marina Grande. This area has become famous first of all for its view on the Bay of Naples, and for its fish restaurants on the sea, but best of all, for a movie shot here, “Pane Amore e..” with Sophia Loren and Vittorio De Sica, well known in all the world.

Photogallery Marina Grande Sorrento